Chuck and Hannah Keels speak to any age & size groups
Inspirational Speakers and Published Authors

Meet Chuck & Hannah Keels

As Stage 4 cancer thrivers, we have an incredible & motivational life story to share that speaks to EVERYONE.  We are available for speaking engagements! Contact us for specifics.

Our wedding video!

We joined our lives on January 1st, 2020!

Click the link below to watch Chuck’s story as he tells it on stage!

Meet Chuck

With a larger than life personality, Chuck brings joy, encouragement and positivity everywhere he goes.

Chuck experienced complete healing from  stage 4 cancer in 2015. Given only 3 months to live when diagnosed, with 90% of his bones affected by cancer, he had a divine moment of healing that changed his life miraculously.  His story is incredible and can be found in his book "Hi, I'm Chuck" or by inviting him to personally tell it to a group of any size. It's a magnificent lesson of healing and hope.

Chuck has a heart to walk alongside those who are affected by cancer.  He coaches out of experience and can identify with the patient having "been there" and "done that."  He offers encouragement and hope from a place of understanding.


Hi...I'm Chuck

Do you know anyone who has seen Jesus?

Read Chuck's story of his miraculous journey surviving end-stage cancer with its lessons, growth, and healing.

After healing from stage 4 cancer with a grim diagnosis of only 3 months to live, Chuck found a higher calling than landscaping!  Realizing that the power of his story could help others, Chuck began speaking to groups and audiences all over the country. He uplifts and inspires those undergoing similar life-changing battles encouraging them to live with a hope bigger than life.  

Meet Hannah

Hannah has been thriving with metastatic breast cancer for over 3 years and utilizes integrative treatment with both oral medication and immune-building vitamin IVs. 

As a mother of 4 young men and having a nursing degree for over 25 years, she brings a lot of life lessons to her personal coaching. Having the experience of being the patient for the past few years, she has  learned how to advocate for herself and is passionate about educating anyone affected by cancer.

Faith Like Skin book cover. Hannah's journey of learning how to display her faith through cancer.

Can the hardest trials of life turn into blessings?

One huge hurdle in life can stop you in your tracks. Hannah encountered the top 5 stressors of life!

Read her incredible story of how she found joy going through the challenges of cancer, death, moving, career loss and broken relationships.

This book is amazing tool for anyone facing challenges that feel like dead-ends in life. Hannah's honest retelling of the lessons she learned will show you how God's promises can frame your faith, even if you feel you don't know what to do or where to go.

Faith Like Skin  is more than the title of Hannah's book, it became a way of life for her. Learn how to wear your faith like it's your skin as you navigate the trials of life and become a radiant beacon of hope for others!

Statement of Faith

  • We believe in Jesus as the only way to God.
  • We  believe that the Bible is God’s word and we find life in it.
  • We believe it’s our role to help others know love Jesus more.
  • We believe God created us to have relationship with Him and He loves to speak to us.
  • We believe God loves every person He created, and it would be wise if we did too.
  • We believe the Holy Spirit is in each believer and He reminds us and empowers us to live the abundant life.
  • We believe if people don’t want God (choosing not to receive Jesus) they can choose eternity without Him.
  • We believe heaven is a real place and it is part of the reward for those that trust Jesus.